With ProCredit’s term deposit savings account, you can deposit your excess liquidity at a fixed interest rate and earn interest for the period you do not need the funds.

What are the benefits of a ProCredit term deposit?

Deposits in either MKD or EUR 
  • A safe place for your deposits
  • Interest is paid either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • You may withdraw your funds before the term date. However, this means you will only receive the lower interest rate payable on our on demand savings account

How to deposit your funds with ProCredit Bank?

Are my savings safe?

  • ProCredit Bank’s capital is predominantly German-owned and guarantees the safety of funds invested by its depositors
  • ProCredit Bank ensures its depositors’ funds are covered by the Deposit Insurance Fund. The Deposit Insurance Fund shall compensate the total deposits per depositor, but shall not exceed the denar counter value of EUR 30,000 with a single bank, foreign bank subsidiary or savings house, calculated at the medium exchange rate of the NBRM as defined on the date of the decision. This amount will include the deposit principal, calculated and added interest, as well as interest undue up to the date of the decision effectiveness. The compensation of the deposited funds in local and foreign currency is done in the local currency only

  • EUR 61.30 61.4879 61.80
  • USD 52.55 53.8989 54.55
  • CHF 53.20 54.3563 55.80
  • GBP 67.20 68.2895 69.60
  • CNY 5.95 7.8100 7.95