ProCredit Bank with New Working Hours 

Banking Service Adjusted to the Needs of the Private Clients

In order to enhance the availability for the clients, as of December 1st, ProCredit Bank adjusts its working hours of all its branch offices.  Bank’s client advisors will be available for the clients in the period between 09:00 and 17:00 o’clock every business day, while those working until late can visit the branch office in Karposh, part of the bank's Head Office, in the period between 08:00 and 19:00 o'clock, from Monday to Friday.   
ProCredit Banks has the most modern network of branch offices throughout Macedonia, with integrated 24/7 Zone to all its locations that at any time provide available, safe and fast services, during non-business days, holidays and weekends.  Within the 24/7 Zone, the ProCredit Bank's clients have access to the unique electronic services: transferring additional funds to current and savings accounts by the means of ATM in the following currencies: MKD, EURO and DOLLAR, processing electronic orders via info-terminal and direct connection to the bank’s contact centre. 
ProCredit is the first automatized bank in Macedonia that offers electronic cash and non-cash transactions and focuses on professional and advisory service for natural persons and offers excellent conditions for banking operations according to the customer needs.



Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that ProCredit Bank is modifying and updating the network of ATMs throughout the whole country. The ATMs will be positioned at more visible, attractive and accessible locations and will provide 24/7 surveillance for your security and safety. 
The ATMs have been placed on some of these locations (marked in green), and the rest are in the process of placement, which will last until New Year’s at the latest.
The locations of the new ATMs are:
At the same time, we will be withdrawing some of the existing ATMs and placing information at that location about the nearest available ATM. Have in mind that the ATMs that are in the following locations will be removed by New Year.
TC Biser
SP Market Kisela Voda - removed
Drachevo - removed
Leptokarija - removed
SP market Taftalidze - removed
SP Planet - removed
Markom - Aerodrom - removed
Dare Dzambaz - removed
Chento - removed
SP Market Avtokomanda - removed
Leontic - removed
Other cities:
Shtip – ‘Radolek’ Pharmacy - removed
Bitola - Clinical center  - removed
Probishtip - removed
Veles Academy  - removed
Clinical Center Bitola - removed
Shtul University Tetovo 
Tetovo Sedra
Struga - Intek - removed 
Ohrid, ‘Martina’ Flower Shop - removed
Kichevo - removed
Kochani - removed

Processing electronic orders, commission free

ProCredit Bank is making continuous efforts to promote the services for their clients and in order to provide more favourable commissions for processing e-banking, we have expanded our cooperation with public and private enterprises that work in the field of utility services. 
From now on, all individual clients and business clients of ProCredit Bank will be able to process orders for utility services FREE of commission charges, for payments made to the following enterprises: 
Central Registry 
Communal Hygiene
MRTV – for broadcasting fees

After processing the orders, there will be no need to verify the order in our branches. It will be sufficient to provide a printed order with the status: PAID IN FULL in order to provide verification for your payment. 
Listed below are the other companies with which ProCredit Bank is cooperating and to which you can make commission free payments: 
Water Supply Company Bitola
PE Water Supply and Sewerage Skopje
Balkan Energy Group
AD District Heating System (Toplifikacija)
Provision west/east/center 
ESM – EVN for Electrical Power Supply
PE Komunalec Bitola
PE Komunalec Gostivar
PE Communal Hygiene Skopje
PE Civil Engineering Ohrid
PE Ohridski Komunalec
Civil Engineering Bitola
Kabelnet Prilep
Robi Cable TV Shtip
AD Macedonian Telecom 
Neotel DOO



On August 19th, 2016, the International Credit Rating Agency “Fitch” reduced the credit rating of Macedonia to “BB” which is due to the political crisis in Macedonia.


Accordingly, the ProCredit Bank’s rating was aligned due to the changes in the rating of Macedonia only. No institution is able to have higher rating from the rating in the state it is operating in. The assessment does not affect the bank’s operation and ProCredit will continue to operate reliably and securely. ProCredit Bank Macedonia has a rating since November, 2015, when Macedonia, as a state, received its own rating.   


ProCredit Bank is the only bank in Macedonia which has an international credit rating from the Fitch Agency and continues to have the highest rating of a bank in Macedonia. Rating is a result of credit portfolio quality, timely provision of required capital and high liquidity.

ProCredit Bank is 100% German bank, part of ProCredit Holding with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, with credit rating of BBB with stable outlook.


Macedonia has received its first credit rating of BB in 2005 by the Fitch Agency, based on the low inflation rate and the moderate public debt.  In 2006, that rating was promoted to BB+ due to the positive relations with EU and a potential membership in the union. For 10 years, Fitch Agency confirmed that rating for Macedonia, until now, when due to the prolonged political crisis and the reduced economic growth the BB credit rating declines. 



                    -----------------------      -----------------------      -----------------------      -----------------------

What is credit rating? Credit rating represents an assessment for the creditability of an institution and its abilities to timely respond to the responsibilities towards the creditors.  The process of determining a credit rating includes evaluation of large number of financial and economic indicators. Only specialized credit rating agencies can confirm the credit rating of an institution or a state.


What is Fitch Rating, London? Fitch Agency is a world leader in this area and is specialized in conducting detailed researches and awarding a credit rating to financial institutions worldwide. Business corporations, banks and financial institution that would like to receive a credit rating should express their own initiative and to contact the rating agency which will send experts to confirm the same.  Once the credit rating of the institution is determined, the same shall be revised at least once a year.


What is the meaning of rated institution? Credit rating allows the investors to get a picture of a country or an institution, which based on the assessment, shall adopt a business cooperation decision with the same.  Rating agencies classify the credit risk pursuant to predetermined groups with different levels of risk.


What does the classifications and assessment mean? The best credit group is A - low risk level, than B - moderate credit risk and C and D groups – high risk level.  There are differences in the level of credit risk within the separate groups as well, by awarding additional letters or marks such as “+” and “-” for the expected outlooks in future.  Based on this, highest credit rating in B credit group would be BBB, and lowest B.


In cases of revising a credit risk of a country, the rating of the economic institutions is consequently aligned with the one of the country.  Economic entities must not have higher rating with the country’s rating due to the existing risk in that area.


The VISA Internet card is a card that is secure for online payments. It is linked to a special purpose account through which the limit of the card can be controlled, via your e-banking service. The intended use is online payments, as well as POS terminals payments where the number of the card, along with other parameters are entered manually, in order to complete the payment (hotels, rent-a-car agencies, etc.) and it is intended for international use.

The card may not be used for withdrawal of funds from ATMs or for payment through POS terminals which require physical swiping of a magnetic strip or reading a chip application. 
The card is not personalized in plastic. It is printed out on an adequate form approved by the bank, where the card number, the CVV2 code, the expiry date as well as the first and last name of the user are provided.
The card links only to a special purpose account and it cannot be linked to other types of accounts.
The card may be used for transactions on Internet sites that do not require or do not process CVV2. It is necessary to deposit funds through the e-banking service to the special purpose account, in order to make the payment. It is compulsory for the client to use the E-Banking service, with the VISA Internet Card application, in order to make the adequate transfers from the transaction account to the special purpose account, and to perform control over the authorized transactions.

The card may be issued to any person that is of legal age or is a senior minor with a valid identification document. The card is issued to both legal entities and natural persons. The card has a validity period of 3 years and the annual membership fee is MKD 60, while for the transaction account it is linked to, no monthly fee is charged.

Where does your savings go?

During the month of saving, the banks offer preferential deposit packages and higher interest rates for saving, in order to cumulate larger number of deposits from the population. However, do you ever wonder what happens with your savings deposed in bank and whether you have entrusted your money to a trustworthy institution?
As a German bank, which works in accordance with the principles of responsible banking, ProCredit Bank is starting an educational initiative in order to inform you what happens with your money, while you are not using them.
With term deposits in the bank, you receive interest, and the bank receives your money for a certain period. Those assets are not locked in safes, which would be inefficient, so they are used for placements in form of loans and investments for various purposes.
ProCredit is a development-oriented bank and the money that you will deposit with us are invested in developing the domestic economy. 95% of our credit portfolio is placed in business loans for small and middle enterprises in Macedonia, in investments for development of production companies, trade and energy-efficient projects and through that, we directly contribute for the growth of the business sector. 
For each approved loan, there is a detailed analysis of the business and the solvency of the enterprise that shall be credited. We do not credit risk investments, as well as projects that harm the environment, we do not invest in speculative actions and we do not finance political bodies in the country. Our credit portfolio has been improved several times in relation to the banking sector in Macedonia and we have only 2.37% non-functional loans. As a result of our low risk portfolio, we are a trustworthy choice for your savings. 
ProCredit Bank actively stimulates the saving culture and here you will not find complicated deposit products, which you do not understand how they function, and which are hard to compare with the other banks. We offer traditional and safe way of creating savings with transparent periods and clearly defined interest rates.
As a unique way of saving, we offer savings account, which provides access to your savings at any time, through card on ATM. You can deposit additional assets or withdraw from your savings whenever you need, and you will receive interest for the remaining amount on your savings account. We offer option for deposing your savings up to 5 years.
Your deposits support larger part of the credit portfolio of ProCredit Bank. In that way, your savings increase and at the same time, you contribute for developing the businesses in Macedonia.